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One of the cleanest areas in your house should be your toilet. Does your bathroom have a pleasant odor all of the time? Now, i’m going to tell you the best ways to keep your bathroom smell good all the time. You’ve probably stepped into your bathroom and been hit by a suffocating and unpleasant odor at some point. This is an awful situation. However, it should not cause you to have restless nights.

What’s the source of that unpleasant stench?
If your bathroom is clean but you can still perceive a bad smell emerging from your bathroom, first check the water level in the bowl. If the water level drops too low, odors from the drains can substantiate into your bathroom. Adjust the water level in your toilet tank, to get rid of the bad smell. If the odor continues, your toilet’s wax seal might need to be repaired or renewed; speak with a plumber about all of this. Your bathroom and all the items inside it should be nicely cleaned up and washed daily especially your bathroom towels , also there should not be any leaks, apart from the occasional drain odor it should have no plumbing issues.
Now let’s discuss all the best possible ways to make your bathroom smell pleasant.

Regularly clean the bathroom sink area and the area under your toilet seat

Wiping off the ceramic sink and toilet area is the best way to avoid bad odor. In our home, these areas should be washed once every day. You can simply clean around the sink with a clorox wipe or with some disinfectant wipes. If you want to do it naturally, essential oils are the way to go. You can also keep a fragrance diffuser with a luxury scent on the sink and near the toilet seat so that it can overtake any potential bad smell coming from the toilet seat.

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Natural air fresheners
Choose the best bathroom air freshener for your bathroom. Cotton balls soaked in essential oils can work well when it needs to keep the bathroom smelling good. One can utilize a refreshing scent. You don’t have to use harsh sprays to add fragrance to your bathroom. Place a potpourri basket in the room’s corner. Natural scents of rose petals, herbs, and citrus peels can do the job.

Deodorizers spray
These are available at any general store in your area. They come in a range of flavors, offering you plenty of options. The fragrance will last for more than two hours after you spray the bathroom, depending on the quantity sprayed.

Pluggable deodorizers for purifying air
These are made with uv-c (ultraviolet-c) technology. They’re designed to suck in the air via a fan, disinfect the air, and minimize odor by cleaning the air via air vents.

Febreze absorbs odors while leaving a sweet fragrance behind when soaked in the bathroom. Febreze is available in a variety of forms, including spray, plug-in, candle, and rim block, so you can find one that fits your needs and your bathroom.
Placing scented candles on shelves
These are a very inexpensive option for freshening up the air in your bathroom. There are plenty of varieties of scented candles in shops, whether you want a fragrance that is fruity, herbal, subtle, musky or something else for your bathrooms. You may be spoiled for options. In the shower, use your scented candle for a few minutes till you stay inside the bathroom. The fragrance will linger in the room. Light the candle when going to the bathroom and then blow it out when you’re finished.
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A potpourri is a great option if you prefer natural odor absorbents. These are a natural-scented blend of dried flowers and plants. In the toilet, they are often put in a tub. They’re a low-cost bathroom diy idea.

Air purifying bags
They are long-lasting odor absorbents. They are odor absorbents that last for a long time. They are completely safe to use at home. Unlike the sprays, there’s no need to worry about your children or pets if you use air purifying bags. In the bathroom, air-purifying bags absorb odors and moisture, removing the odor rather than just covering up it with a different scent.