how to organize your closet

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

A well-organized closet encourages clarity and a good mindset in the morning. You will be happier and escape the chaos and frustration of trying to find the right outfit if you can make a clothing decision quickly. Pulling a piece of clothing off the hanger and then throwing it aside when you change your mind and want to wear something else causes clothing clutter in an organized wardrobe. (And don’t tell me you haven’t done it!). A well-organized closet can be a useful storage area (if it got enough space). It might seem counterintuitive, but having a well-organized closet enhances your self-esteem. Since you’ll be taking your clothes from a hanger rather than picking them up from the floor, you’ll see them differently.

We have talked about why organization of closet is important but the major point is how can we organize our closet so in this article I am going to give 7 tips of organizing our closet that will be quite beneficial for us.

1. Color coordination
Color blocks should be made. To color match, use the colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV): white, tan, pink, red, blue, indigo, violet, brown, grey, orange, yellow, green, and black. create a “patterned portion” or settle on a primary color and group it with that color if you have patterned products in multiple colors. Put the black color-blocks in the front of the dress if you choose to wear a lot of black and seldom white.

2. Type of clothing
types of cloths
One of the important parts of organizing a closet is to group different type of cloths for example giving a separate place for dresses then organizing separately our jeans and casual wear shirts as we are eastern, we have a section of our eastern cloths as well such as shalwar kamiz after setting our cloths in different types we also have to differentiate between casual wear and formal clothing then separate then as well.

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3. Differentiate according to weather
Coordination of cloths according to weather is very vital part of organizing closet. We don’t want to clutter our closet with the cloths we are not going to wear for some time as in 4 to 5 months so it’s a wise decision if you have a large or walk in closet keep the cloths in a place which is not much in use but if you have a small closet, it’s better to store them in bag. It’s better to hang you long coats and jacket in the plastic bag provide for the coats to prevent them from getting dirty as in we are not going to use them for some time.

4. Undergarments
Drawer dividers are important for getting ready with a grin on your face — and understanding when it’s time to do laundry. Roll the pants, tights, underwear, and belts to save room in the compartments to make it easier to see. It is both pleasing to the eye and useful.

5. Nothing fragile, fancy, or durable may be hung
If you don’t have enough room to hang any T-shirt you own, stick to the obvious items. Dresses, skirts, and lingerie are examples of delicate items, as are fancy items like suits, and durable, organized objects like coats and blazers.” Here’s a tip from Marie Kondo (the most organized person in the world) to give your closet a neat, happy look: Hang everything facing the same direction, with longer items on the left and shorter items on the right so the bottom of your clothes creates an upward sloping line.”

6. Design your ideal closet space
your ideal closet space
If you don’t have one, be imaginative with what you have (and yes, you can organize a closet without one). Take note of the best attributes of your closet: You may have a lot of vertical storage, built-in shelving, or numerous hanging rods. Make the most of these opportunities. Determine what you should do to change the parts of your wardrobe that aren’t running for you, such as hard-to-reach upper shelves or an utter lack of shelves.

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7. Denim and sweaters should be stacked
Stack bulky winter sweaters and rigid denim jeans to conserve valuable drawer and hanging space (in separate piles, of course). Since these products are durable and thick, they won’t sag, crinkle, or lose their form when stacked, making them suitable for your shelf room. Not just that, but you’ll be able to easily see each object in a stack, making it much easier to locate what you need.