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The traditional bedrooms were featured by an original fireplace, an attractive ceiling or an alcove styled cupboards- but all these things had no character. The idea is to incorporate muted, restful tones in the bedroom without the need of excessive detailing.



Select the right color scheme- Color scheme is the most crucial factor that you need to look into. Anything that looks too bold and bright makes the room look less relaxing and soothing. Colors like blue are traditional and have soothing effect, while color like brown make the room look inviting and cosy. By putting them together, one can easily create am interesting contrast. Further, it is a great blend of colors and it will make your room look lively.



Brown can be used as background color, and by incorporating touch of blue on the cupboard you can make the room look really vivacious. The idea is to match upholstery of the bedhead with overall theme of the room.

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Select flooring- For flooring, one needs to be extra cautious. Period wooden furniture, warm tones give room a traditional feel. It is better to select wooden flooring.


Create a focal point- It is important to create a focal point to the bedroom. An upholstered lounge always draws attention and it make the room look attractive. It is very simple to create a focal point in the room. Here’s how you can create a focal point to the bedroom.


Adding a focal color- The easiest way to create a focal point is by using a bold color within a neutral room and then by adding intricate details like accessories- cushions, throw pillows. This scheme will pull around all the elements together. Go with a paint color or chart or fabric or wallpaper swatches. It should suit with the theme of the room. Also, add accessories that is within your budget.


Adding furniture- You can even reposition the furniture to create a focal point. You might not need to redecorate the room. Instead , all you need to do is to rearrange furniture in a  proper fashion. Start by deciding what is the focal point of the room. It can be anything- windows (can be installed by a company like Art Roofing Contractors), chimney or a view, depending upon that you can rearrange the furniture, so that all lines point towards it. The effect can be highlighted by adding a bright rug. A coffee table will surely draw attention of people. Hence, add a coffee table in your bedroom. It will surely lend interest to the bedroom.

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Using Contrast-If the room is white in color with a traditional fireplace. It would be easy to overlook. However, painting in a shade that contrast with colors in the rest of the room can grab eye ball of the visitors instantly. Go for this trick in any room room and it would fetch direct attention towards the best feature of the room. The bay window is always a thing of beauty. So, it is wise to make it as a focal point of the room. But the question arises how to do this? Well, it is simple. All you need good quality window dressings and Roman blinds are must and it is the most practical choice to make. If you have a large piece of furniture in front of window it will stop curtains pulling back and forth.


By adding bold with window dressings- Bay windows is the highlight of the room. But the question arises how to make it focal point of the room? Well, it is simple to do this. Add the most stylish and durable sofa and it should be dressed to kill others. Always opt for good quality window dressings and Roman Blinds are the must for a household. It is the cost effective and practical choice that anyone can make. If you have a large furniture in front of window it will stop curtain from pulling back and forth.


By using statement lighting- A huge arching lamp can be used to dominate the room. If you get large space it is better. You need to spend a huge sum to create a focal point. You can even buy own versions from high street stores. Add a lamp over the area where you want to draw attention- it can be anything chair, sofa or even a dining table.

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By using the trick of block- In order to create architectural interest in the room, use every trick. A large table draws attention in the dining area, or adding a feature wall, make the room look spacious.


Aside from that, you can add architectural detail, add a feature wall, add bold patterns, add artwork in home and use calm colors in chaotic spaces.