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Nowadays, we hear a lot about green homes, but what actually is green home? Well, in this article we will provide you detail about what green homes are and how it can be achieved.


Green homes can be defined as premises that are healthy, cost-reducing and energy saving. These homes are designed in a way to make optimal and efficient use of building materials during construction process, and beyond that. The larger objective of green homes is to reduce carbon footprint and eliminate pollution from the world as large. There has been growing acceptance of green homes that aim at minimizing the impact of the processes of habitation and daily environment and human health. A prime tool to this is green homes. While the elements that constitute green home are not universally agreed upon, standards in green modeling do exist. They extend from small aspects like energy efficient appliances to larger ones like rain water harvesting. Importantly, green homes are designed in a manner that even during construction process they have minimum possible impact on the environment site level.

Concepts that you need to know about the green home


There are certain characteristics that govern green homes like standardized construction to minimize wastage and recycling of materials, storm water collection or rainwater harvesting, maximum tree plantation and specific selection of materials that regulate temperature inside the home and minimize use of air conditioning.

Wide range of benefits


The special construction materials used in green homes reduce the inhabitant’s exposure to toxins and allergens. For instance, green grade ventilation ducts are available in the market that acts as a barrier to dust, moisture, consequently reducing the risk of mildew and airborne diseases. The use of sealants, paints, wood products and adhesives blend well with volatile and organic chemicals that reduces exposure to toxicity. More natural ventilation ways reduce the usage of air- conditioning, which causes adverse effects on health when used in excess proportion. They also help owners to streamline their cost in the long run. Because the kind of construction materials,  appliances and maintenance processes involved, the initial investment is low. Energy efficient home reduce the power consumption by 30%. Also, the targeted engineering involves leads to optimum space configuration and improved living.

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Healthy living means few visits to the doctor and saving money in this process. Further, with low energy costs rising and climate getting temperate and erratic, it makes lot more sense to opt for green homes as opposed to traditional and unsustainable living quarter.