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If you are planning to buy a perfect gift for a child or in case you wish to revamp their bedroom with a theme that makes him/her feel more special, then this post is specifically for you. Having a space that your kids can call it as their own sphere or that reflects their personality is something that they will definitely love and appreciate. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your child’s room with ease:

Decorating theme for your kids bedroom

The Princess Bedroom decorating idea

The classic princess bedroom decoration is evergreen and is among the quite popular amongst the woman today. Use pinks and royal blue and subtle shades along with lots of whites, and in this way you can make the room perfect for your little princess.

Accessories that you can add

Accessories that you can add in the room include beautiful full length mirror and a treasure chest box, a full length mirror and treasure styled box to store all her accessories. Make sure you use the right kind of curtains that will hang in her room, light to keep the home bright during the day and thicker curtain for night time.

Other accessories that you can add to her home are frills, pinks and light shades. These options are best to go by. Dark furniture with stark contrast is strictly no no. Other than that, you can ad wall art that depicts castle or lovely country side transported from a fairytale. It makes the perfect accent making your princess like royalty.

Underwater theme room

Some children are too fascinated about the world that exists underneath the water. You can turn their bedroom into an underwater by painting the walls with a combination of blue and green, so that during day time, it doesn’t remain gloomy. The lower portion of the walls can be painted to look like a sandy floor along with a brown carpet across the floor, as it would highlight the feature further. Accent the walls with glowing stickers across the walls, as it would create nice afterglow during the bed time; they would look like natural sun light.

Accessories that you can add

Now that you have adorned the wall with under water theme, the next step is to select furnishings that complement with the look of the room. The window curtains in light blue shade add natural sun light to pour in. an aquarium in the room will add a finishing touch. Other acecssories that you can stuck to is coral shells, sea chest, as it could be used as a storage space. Authentic sea shells can also be added in and around the frame of a mirror in the room and let’s not forget about sea themed pillow cases.

Jungle Safari room

Though it is an adventurous theme, but don’t go overboard or add too many dark shades into the room, but the more colors better it is. Why? Have you ever witnessed animal kingdom and what it is? Id your child is vibrant, spontaneous and likes colorful décor, this is what this is that you could try. For a child who is fascinated by animals, adventure, make this theme perfect. You can find tons of themed animal wall stickers in the market. You can even add animal prints in the home-like spots of leopard, stripes of zebra and tiger; subtle touches works the best. You can even add stuffed animals around the home and it will make the home look comforting. You can accessorize the home with kid friendly paintings if the jungle or replica of animals-it helps to keep the space lively. A few potted plants and fake creepers can do the wonders.

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Theme for scholarly kid


  1. A Room for the Ardent Reader

Its always good to see children who are fond of reading books. It’s not only a way to gain abundant knowledge but it is also a way to expand your outlook and vocabulary, there by becoming more fluent in speaking a language. A small library or a bookshelf stocked with their favorite reading material or encyclopedia is the best. It is important to create a small nook for your child to spend some quality time.

Acecssories that you can add

Aside from wall hangings and posters, you can add wall stickers of your child’s favorite books and even a few brainy quotes could be printed and stuck on the walls or framed. The wall paper can be book themed and you can personalize the same, also you can add motif which speaks aloud about the books in general.

Apart from this, posters of your child’s favourite books or characters could also be displayed; even a few encouraging quotes could be printed and stuck on the walls or framed. The wallpaper could also be book-themed, and don’t forget about customising the sheets, curtains et al in the same motif.

For a musical kid

If your child is fond of music, a music themed room is perfect for him/her to feel comfortable and encouraged for his patent skills. You can paste old Cd’s, DVD’s on the walls or add posters or images of their favorite singers. Storage space for instruments and music related books are also a welcome move. You can even create a space in the room to practice their favorite instrument.

Accessories that you can add

Furniture with mucical theme is the best idea. You can even add  a trumpet lamp, bed sheets and pillow covers with musical throw pillows or wall paper or a funky youthful rug, curtains, all these accessories add an extra touch of music to enhance the theme of overall décor.

For sports freak and athletes

If your child is fond of sports and also happens to be athlete in some field, this could be a great addition to their room. Apart from the posters of their favorite sports personalities, for those who play sports, you could even add a separate shelf or design a glass cabinet to display trophies, medals and certificates.

Accessories that you can add

You can add various accessories like you paint a wall with chalkboard finish for changing scoreboard. Other accessories you can add is autographs of their favorite players. They can be framed and displayed. Other accessories like a small basketball hoop can be added in the room and the storage locker for sports gear will also help to enhance the look of the room. The rule of thumb is-whatever look you select remember keep clutter at a bay.

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Kids who are interested in art work

Kids love to express all their creativity on the walls. For those child who are artistically inclined or children who are still finding an outlet to express the same through various mediums-like sketching, painting and drawing, this addition in the room is perfect. A work desk and chair along with storage space in built for art and craft material would be perfect for this room. Setting up a separate easel in the corner of the room; preferably near a window with a covering on wall and on the floor would allow the child to paint without any hesitant. It will reduce the mess.

Accessories that you can add

For artistic kids you can create spaces on the wall to hang their art work and this would work as an encouragement from them. You can use mason jars and other containers to store art and craft materials like paints, crayons and brushes. It will make the room look neat and tody. Magnetic space containers are the best way to store things like broken crayons and stickers. Bed sheets could also be inspired by art.

The superheroes theme

Some children are fascinated by movies and cartoons, superheroes, etc. with a slew of superheroes lined up, it is important to decorate their room nicely. Apart from colorful wall murals and posters, even bed spreads, duvets, pillow covers, one can easily found various items embedded with these carton characters. The great thing about this theme is you can find a variety of these designs available in the market; in form of rugs, mugs with character likeliness to be used as stationery holders to keep other knick knacks.

Accessories that you can add

The color theme of the room can be based on superhero dress up of the hero or heroes. You can even add a life size wall mural on the wall or such characters would add colorful and an interesting backdrop to the space. You can even add another set of accessories like towels, rugs, and curtains. A display of superhero would be a great addition to the space. There are various options available and it is important to select right accessories to make the space look beautiful.