Walls add character to the home, and it lends drama and personality to your home décor. While a fresh dab of paint can brighten up the look of the home, changing the paint shade, using wall paper, paneled woodwork and wall decals, tiles are great ideas. Whether you wish to make a bold statement or add a personality to the home, here are some tricks on how to do so:

Bold Is the best

Do you hate your plain wall because it looks too minimalistic? Now, its time to go for bold shades or select a single bold shades or opt for textures and prints, by adding something on the walls.

Add a focal point

If you have long walls, it may seem hard to add something dramatic consider the large surface area. Don’t be afraid, it is here that focal points comes into picture. Starting from creating an art gallery, to adding  a small motif t wallpapering only a particular section of the wall or using a wall stencil, the options are endless.

Add accent wall in the home

Adding an accent wall to otherwise dreary room is the best way to add eye catching décor. Select one wall and then turn it into an accent wall. Paint it differently or try a separate wall treatment for the same. An accent shade cmplements with other neutral shades. For example, white and gray add depoth and drama to the home.

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aCreate a statement

wish to add a lasting impression to your wall décor? Go for signature wall  or add statement to the wall. It will create the mood and ambiance of the space and also lay ground for other accessories in the room. Try rearranging the furniture.

Try to add eye catching home décor

The eye catching home décor is something that appeals to the eyes. If creating a photo gallery or adding some and large frames creates a dynamic effect, so go for it. Select large scale floral designs for large walls and medium scale geometric designs for smaller walls. Lend your walls a bit of expression with home décor tricks.