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Do your little child fantasize about hiking through deep dense forest with the exotic animal friends? Is he/she comfortable with other signs of nature than by plastic or metal jungle? If so, then give your little one nights a bright, sunny tropical dreams with jungle themed safari bedroom.



At the heart of a jungle theme bedroom is a custom treehouse, bed giving your little nature lover an exotic feeling. The foundation of a custom tree house bed could resemble a rough bark of a giant tree trunk that give your little one can crawl inside, while a wooden platform at the top can be a canopy bed draped in the naturalistic forest canopy of large, shady leaves. Custom bedding for a tree bed might look like colorful piles of fallen leaves or be covered in a leafy jungle and animal prints. Green is the main color of jungle themed bedroom with shades of brown being secondary. Try to create a sense of being deep in the jungle by painting the walls and ceilings with busy colorful mural filled with tropical flowers, plants and trees. You can even add posters of toucans, monkeys, gazelles, giraffes, etc. Grassy green rugs or thick floor mats makes it the perfect floor coverings with a jungle themed bedroom, though an area covered in hardwood creates a perfect space for bedroom. For additional details, you can decorate the room with a floor lamp, a television set or low lying furniture like a glowing camp fire.

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