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Having an old wooden vanity can be an annoyance in the room space, as it tends to look out of place from the rest of the furniture present. It may even look worse if the vanity is already worn out and needs refurbishment.


But having an old vanity at home can be a gem in the house. Rather than making it look out of place, you may want to make it a standout accessory.

Here are ways to restore an antique vanity without sending it for professional repair:

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1. Sand the surfaces of the vanity to make it smooth.

Before doing your repairs, smoothen the surfaces of the vanity first by means of sanding. Rub the surfaces with sandpaper to soften the edges and make them easier for painting and finishing later on.

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2. Repair with wood glue.

If there are broken parts in the vanity, use wood glue to repair put them back together, as well as when patching holes with new wood pieces. The wood in the vanity is already softer than it used to be, so hammering may only cause further damage to the furniture. Use nails only when necessary.

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3. Finish the vanity with paint or varnish.

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White paint often works best with antique vanities, as it gives the pieces a vintage appeal. But if you are trying to be more formal and classy then use dark or natural tone varnish. Make sure to do three to four coatings on the vanity so that it would get a smooth glossy finish.

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