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For most of the people Feng Shui is just a way to keep the evil spirits away. But do you know you can adorn your home with a host of Feng Shui accessories depending upon your problem.

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Financial Problem– If you are dealing with financial problem from quiet a sometime, use these items or colors on the extreme corner of the room.

  • Color like blue, red or purple help you in increasing your prosperity.
  • Arts, crystals, sculptures
  • Waterfall, Fountain, Fish Tank
  • Fresh purple, red or blue flowers
  • Healthy plants like jade plants
  • Photos and Artwork
  • Arrangements made in group of four.

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If you want to increase your name and fame or opportunities use these

  • Color like red and pink help you in increase your reputation.
  • Candles, fireplaces
  • Things associated with beasts like fur, leather, kin, and wools.
  • Things that is conical in shape like diamond, stars, etc.
  • Arrangements that make group of nine.

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To bring in new relationships, you need to adorn your room with

  • Color like red, pink, apricot, burgundy, chocolate help you to attract more relationship.
  • Mementos, admired photos of special occasions.
  • Artwork and sculpture depicting romantic angles.
  • Arrangements that make group of two.

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To strengthen your friendship or relationship

  • Color like blue and green help you to strengthen your bond with near and dear ones.
  • Family photos
  • Healthy flowers and plants
  • Wooden furniture like flooring, wicker or bamboo
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Arrangements made in group of three.
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Want to have your room filled with children. Apply following tactics

  • Color like white, pale, pastels or grey will help you to fulfill your dreams.
  • Objects made of copper, steel and gold.
  • Things made up of granite, cement or slate.
  • Natural crystals
  • Arrangements that make group of seven.

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