Simplicity Living Room Set Design Eco Friendly Furniture art

Eco Friendly living has become order of the day. No matter what your taste and preferences are there are lots of eco friendly accessories to choose from.

Modern and Eco Friendly Home Design Inspiration living room art

Sofa– A sofa can be converted into an eco friendly sofa by using non allergenic fibers or by using upholstery recycled wool.

recycled cork sofa art

eco friendly organic sofa art

Environmental Artwork– if we ask you to go eco friendly, it does not mean to fill your walls with green color; instead you can supplement with fashionable bird print or eco friendly motifs.

Recycled glassware– Serve the favorite lemonade or iced tea in recycled glass. It is created from recycled Mexican bottles and it is known for the durability.

greenglass ed02 art

recycledglassware art

Mattresses: Conventional methods must be taken over by ultramodern techniques. Organic cotton, wool and latex are one of the best substitutes available to replace the existing materials which are used to craft mattresses currently. Though the mattresses made of organic cotton are bit heavy on the pocket but we can also opt for futons which are lucrative and economical as well.

bedding modern art

isaac mizrahi bedding art


Furniture-Exploit bamboo also as a selection. Though, it is not a wood but looks like a wood and as it grows faster so sustainability is not an issue.

contemporary eco friendly living room design1 art

unique bed art


Epoch and antique furniture are the most eco friendly ones. Vintage furniture is some furniture piece which is some 20 years old and antique furniture are those which are approximately 100 years before.

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bed art

Eco Friendly Furniture art

naturescast eco friendly furniture2 art

eco friendly furniture design bamboo made bed art

Inventive and out of the box thinking can help you in making creative things which can be used as furniture or accessories which make your house look different and make your home eco friendly.