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Festive decorations have become more prominent and interactive, as people are spending huge amount to decorate their home. The budget for decoration and celebrations has increased a lot.

Here, are some ways on how you can add magic to your home:

Magic themed castle- Add a magic themed castle tree in your home with unicorns on both the sides. It is the nutcracker theme of this season.

Add a dash of purple shade in your home- the blue and purple décor for Christmas has become popular these days, so you can add it in your Christmas tree or for Christmas decoration. These colors are trendy and you can use it as color combination of purple, blue and green. It will be so refreshing to look at.

Go subtle– Gone are the days, when people used to go overboard with the decoration, nowadays, the best way to remain stylish and elegant is to reduce the clutter. A simple clear glass vase with few branches included in it set against the backdrop of candles could be perfect. Don’t make the decorations look complicated- a tree decorated with a few sparkling light is a welcoming gesture and will create a serene and cozy atmosphere.

Add metal tints to your Christmas decoration– Add some metal hints in your Christmas decoration. To complete the look, you can indulge in jazzy and glamorous metal tints of copper, brass and platinum. It will be a perfect addition to your home and will add a natural magic.

Mix different hues and colors– You can mix and match different colors including gold, silver, and brass that gives the home a contemporary look. The simple geometric designs are in for this Christmas season. You can decorate it with twinkling lights, ornaments and contemporary designs that adds light in this season.

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Add natural scents to your home- Another peculiar trend that is popular these days, is adding a sensation of natural scents in the home. It will not only add cozy feeling, but the scent of cinnamon and pine will add the elegance and elevate the creative imagination.

Candle Holder- Today, candle holder comes in various styles and designs. This Christmas season add a concrete candle holder but cleverly arranged in between pine branches and glass Christmas toys. It will add a contemporary look to the home.

Red stands for majesty– In classic Christmas decoration, the red color rules the roost- starting from tablecloth to candles, the glass decoration, the ribbons, the gold threads are the classic combination. Add tiny ribbons on the Christmas tree for a balanced look.

Décor the dining table- In order to add a rich feel to your home, add an elegant white dinnerware set, which is a perfect addition to the decoration. The small details can help to elevate your holiday décor.

Use of abundance of candles rather than electric lights to decorate, is another tip to be followed. In the end, we would like to say Merry XMas