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Bidets is one among the most popular things in the European countries for several decades, the fixture has recently became popular in America too. The reality is there are several reasons to have your own bidet. Whether you want to practice for hygiene or want to increase the value of home, bidet is certainly worth considering. Here we have presented some of the benefits and disadvantages of installing bidet in the bathroom.




Increase in Value of your Bathroom


Bidet has power to increase the value of your home. While some people will like the value addition others may not. It is a case where you need to make decision based on what you want. It simply depends upon your choices and preferences.


Increase in Hygiene



There is wide array of problems associated with the toilet paper. First and foremost, would you like to clean dirty plate with the towel and say it as clean? Well, there is nothing that beta soap and water. With a spray of warm water one can certainly clean better than the toilet paper. Not to forget, you don’t need to use your hands, when cleaning the same.


The only con is a good quality bidet, tends to be expensive. It depends upon the value added features like heated water. However, the cost will soon get recovered. Undoubtedly, bidets are the better option in contrast to the toilet paper.

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Moreover, it is environment sustainable. This gives you one more reason to purchase it.