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Do you have an eye for style? Well, then you don’t need professional interior decorator. You can design your home completely according to your whims and wishes. This will save a lot of money and time. In this article we have mentioned some tips on how to decorate the home.




Interior decoration is all about adding style and blending the room rather than what people believe is- a rocket science. The highly decorative items and furniture is something that you should avoid at any cost. Your home should appear spacious, crisp and clutter free. Overdoing the room and filling every wall with decal can make the room clumsy and hence you should not splurge on large number of decorative items. Overdoing and filling it excessively make your home appearance dreary. Also, by keeping things at minimal, you can make the room look clean and tidy.

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The next thing that you need to consider is you need to buy quality materials, You can definitely buy it from a flee market, but ensure that the items are antique. Furniture items like bed, sofa set are some of the items that need to be durable, so that it lasts for couple of years. Therefore, it is necessary to select the items that is durable and is chic in style.

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Lights illuminate the nooks and corner of the home. Hence, if you are planning to select the light, choose them wisely. Commencing from standing lamps to chandeliers, you’ll find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Select the ones that will go best with your theme of the room. For instance, your dining space can have contemporary looking hanging lamps above the table. It will illuminate the entire room. The entrance of the home should be free and without any obstacles. It is highly recommended that you should not place any fragile or delicate items at the entrance of the home. Keep it clutter free. Don’t give your guest a single chance to feel guilty.

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If some of the rooms in your home have no direct sunlight, you can always paint the room with yellow color- especially the one facing passive light. This color will direct the natural sunlight and will make the room look much bigger than usual. Last but not the least; select the themes and trends that goes best with your bedroom. However, it is important to keep pace with the changing trends. For this you can check out some of the glossy magazines and select the right theme. The modern, contemporary and artistic themes are quite popular, the traditional, rustic and vintage theme inspire most of the people.


Appliances and equipment are the insuperable parts of the interior decoration. Investment should be made in appliances that is optimal and conserve energy.