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A home with just four walls is called as an apartment. An apartment can be converted into a home when the people living in it design it according to your tastes and preferences, so that the space reflects their personality. Today, a lot has been written and spoken about the home interior decoration, wall, furnishings, etc. but we often forget the quintessential element of the home that is windows. It plays a large role in home decoration. The location of a window, and what it overlooks, ventilation, amount of sunlight, privacy, are a few elements that one needs to take into consideration. All these in totality play a large role for home interior decoration.


It is crucial that the windows should blend well with the overall room décor, otherwise it would look odd one out. The best way to improve aesthetics of your home is to add curtains and drapes to the home. What you select is a matter of fact that what you desire, at the same time it should match with the overall look of the home decoration. Today, there are enough of options available in the market like right from heavy materials like hand woven silk, chenille, and satin. Sheer is considered to be the most delicate material that can be embellished with jewels, delicate designs or embroidery patterns. It keeps harsh light at a bay and illuminates the room effectively. If you love vintage look for your home, try to balance the same with silk, frills or contrasting colors. In case of small windows, draping the curtain partially outside, creates a false illusion of a large space.


Today, the sizes of the home are getting small day by day and lot of people are going for contemporary ways to décor windows. The vantage of this kind of decoration is; it creates a false illusion of large space. In such a scenario, the curtains play a vital role in making the room look big. Patchwork, curtains, blinds, sheer, hand crafted shutters on Mughal pattern, linen, velvet, silk curtains, swing arm rods, metallic finished rods, floor-to-ceiling window treatments are some options that can be considered.

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There are myriad of options of doing up the interior decoration of the windows; like one can use the wood. It is always best to use wood. It creates a classy look. The use of granite and marble for the ledge is considered as practical. While doing the window treatments, it is important to co-ordinate the window size as per the door size and other furniture of the room. In that way, everything looks in sync. For instance, windows, aluminium powder coated is the most practical option that is available for powder coating. While they look good also they blend well with the interiors of the home. Even you can buy wooden frames, though they score high in terms of maintenance due to heavy rains. Today, variety of glass options is available in the market- like you can opt for tinted windows, etched or colored glasses as well.

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Curtains are the last elements that are incorporated to the room. Ideally, curtains and upholstery item should be priority décor elements that need to be considered while finalising the décor of a home. Luxury fabrics like silk and velvet have carved a separate niche in home decoration, but fabrics like chenille, leather, suede and fur have become the new trends in the market. Jewel tones for example, orange, silver, gold are also making new entrants in the market.  Couture fabrications and dressmaker details like ruffles, beading, lace and cording are also in a great demand. Today, consumers are excessively getting involved in such designer options. Velvet banding and glitter embellishments are in trend and will continue to evolve, in sense of patterns and designs on different fabrics.

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Finally, one of the main purposes of a window is to provide adequate ventilation and provide required privacy to the inmates of the room. In such a situation, it is better to go for a single window treatment in the room.  If possible try to create a full height window. Also, try to have a net, so that you can keep the windows open without bothering about the insects. Now, the net doesn’t mean opting for a traditional or conventional nets, there are enough of nets that you can pull down. These nets are self-cleansing and they are hassle free to maintain.

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In a nutshell, it is recommended to have a ventilation option all the time along with the windows. It can be decorated using frills and valance. It is best to use sheer curtains, as they tend to be translucent and moreover, it lets light to pass easily. Also, it helps to maintain privacy that is much required. Further, the curtains and drapes are also known to have property of heat insulation. It allows maximum ventilation and is also labelled as stylish. So, it is truly said that a home that is well-ventilated plays a major role in making home the best. This article goes a step further and explains how to adorn the windows in a way to make it look more attractive.


Needless to mention these curtains and drapes serve all your needs in a practical way.  These ideas are the best. Follow above-mentioned tips and revamp the look of your room.