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Though Ganesh Chaturthi is over, yet the memories are still fresh in our mind. In this post, we will discuss why people prefer eco-friendly Ganesha over standard ones. Though regular ones are widely available in Plaster of Paris and are appealing too, there is reason to select eco-friendly idols. First and foremost, being they are not hazardous to environment. All idols are generally immersed in water suing bio-degradable materials that are safer and are best.

Materials like clay and paper are better than widely used plaster of paris. Clay idols don’t cause harm to the environment and they degrade fast when immersed in water. Even if you don’t how to make eco-friendly Ganesh idol, select them from outlets.


Why opt for eco-friendly Ganesha idols

Water pollution can be minimized– materials like plaster of paris pollute the water, as they contain harmful chemicals that may turn water acidic, and is dangerous for aquatic life. Also, polluted water when consumed by humans can be life-threatening.


Contains harmful chemicals-Plaster of paris contains various harmful chemicals like sulphur phosphorus, gypsum, magnesium, etc and the colours and paints used to decorate the idol entail carbon, lead and many other harmful chemicals. When idols are immersed in a water body, the aquatic water life gets affected by it. And when we eat fish from that lake, our health in turn also gets affected.

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