Warli Pics 6

As discussed, Warli is an ancient tribal art that has its roots in Maharashtra. Warli paintings portray the routine activities of the Warli tribe like harvesting, hunting, farming, fishing, dances, animals, etc. The Goddess of fertility-known as Palaghata is shown in the paintings of tribe.





Warli paintings were made on the walls of the home using non-permanent colors on different events like weddings and harvests. This is a 2 dimensional art that uses triangular shapes and linear lines. This traditional art uses only white for the paintings and red as a background.
How to decor home with Warli paintings
• Warli paintings are generally painted on mud or on the cow dung treated surfaces with white color, but one can experiment with different background colors. You can opt for vibrant colors to create alluring art work.
• Go for fabric colors or metallic colors and paint Warli paintings on the fanric. Once dried, iron the fabric on the back side of the cloth. It can be done on curtains, cushions, bed sheets and table runners.
• Try to paint on a terracotta pot or on a lamp. First, paint the base of the pot or leave it as such and use contrasting color combination that matches the pot to create unique art piece.
• Warli painting can be done on the walls with permanent paints. Try to paint on a balcony or any room in the home.
• It can be done on ceramic plates and mugs. Go for a plain white plate and draw wonderful warli human forms.