Creating a chic look to the home is not an easy task. It requires lot of efforts and stone and wood. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, this summer breathe nature and infuse nature inspired theme to the home. Stone and wood decor can be used in different ways, without making the room overcrowded and overpowering.

How to add unique charm to the home
Subtle presence of stone elements can be added in form of picturesque stone fireplace with a fusion of wood in form of mantle piece and shelves on either side. Likewise, you can even create a rubble stone wall in the home. This could even serve as a focal point.
Rustic wood presence can also be added in the home by adding random logs on the walls or even on the ceiling as a part of interior decor. This could also be used in a subtle way into the furniture where seating reflects unpolished wood.


How to add rustic appeal to the home?

If you wish to create blatantly rusty and countryside look to the home, the options are plenty. For example, instead of having a focal wall made from stone, the entire decor can be made from the stone. This could be in form of stone walls, stone faux fireplace, rough stone floors, or stone steps leading to the staircase, stone arches opening to different areas of the home. The addition of the stone combined with unpolished wood can be used not only for furniture, but also as log-clad walls, ceilings, as cabinets and shelves woven into stone walls. Like the used wood emits unpolished state and a rugged charm, the stone also exude rough edges, the surface when smoothened removes sharpness.

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rustic wood


Stones exude natural tones paired up with light colored rough wood looks charming when combined with colored stones and teaming up with a slightly dark shade of wood. It lends character to the home that goes beyond standard rustic look. The stone wall look more royal when the technique of random rubble masonry is applied for where with sealant, using specialized skin. It almost look like art, serving as a highlight in the decor. Likewise, stone floors with the natural surface of the stone can be retained. It will offer countryside feel to the home.

natural lights natural lights2

Last but not the least; you can use different combinations to make the decor look beyond the rustic appeal.


While stones in fairly neutral tones teamed with light coloured rough wood appear charming, mixing coloured stones and teaming them with a slightly dark shade of wood yields character to the decor that goes beyond just a rustic appeal.