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Earlier we talked about the things you will need to recreate a hotel suite looking bedroom. Indeed, you were introduced to the basics, but there are also other decorations that you may want to use in order to make the room more posh and sophisticated.

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If you want to complete the look of a hotel inspired bedroom, then you may want to make use of these items along with the ones we already mentioned in the previous article:

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1. Neutral toned beddings. If you may have noticed, hotel bedrooms follow neutral, earth toned colors on their beddings. This is because neutral shades create a modern, versatile and contemporary vibe that appeals to all tastes. The colors also offer a sleek and posh ambience to the room and a dramatic touch to the bed.

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2. Metallic accents. If you’re going to add accents to the room, do so in metallic shades such as silver and gold. You can add these colors in portrait frames, figurines and accent pillow covers to add a pop of color to the room.

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3. Floor-to-ceiling curtains. Hotel rooms have their curtains cover the whole window space, and these touch the ceiling and the floor. Hence, have your windows covered in thick, tall, dark curtains that cover the whole space. These curtains take control of the light that enters the room, just the same way they do in hotel suites.

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4. Plush comforters. Lastly, your bed needs to be very cozy and conducive to sleeping. Hence you have to make use of plush comforters to keep you covered during the night. Use thick comforters that come in solid, contemporary colors, such as blue, white, gray, or brown, as they will be complemented by the accent pillows.

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