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Though studies has suggested that a glass of wine is good for health, but stains are not good for clothes. So, here are some easy tips and tricks that you can try as and when wine spills on your home.


Wash away with salt


This trick is especially useful for carpets or rugs. Whenever wine spills over, blot as much of it as you can with help of paper towel. Then cover the stain with common salt until you can’t see the stain of wine anywhere. As and when salt dries up, it will soak salt. Vacuum it as well.

Take help of soda


This is another useful way to clean the wine spill. Continue pouring soda over stained are till color vanishes away. Once the stain is removed, let the fabric dry. Use paper towel to clean up excessive soda.



One can even use vinegar to clean wine spill. Cover the stain with help of white vinegar. It neutralizes purple and red spots. Immediately after applying vinegar, rub in with liquid detergent, then clean it up with hot water. This will remove the stain.



Toothpaste is best way to clean the spill. Apply a small amount of toothpaste before washing the clothes, toothpaste do wonders on wine spills.

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Lemon juice is the best


The classic grandma remedy to clean the spills! Try applying lemon juice before washing.