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Kitchen is said to be heart and soul of any home. Hence, it is important to find storage solutions for the kitchen that is apt and the best for the home.Though it is the most neglected part of the home, but in this article we have offered you insights on how to find the best storage solutions for the kitchen, especially if you have a small kitchen, then these tips are must because a small kitchen requires suitable storage space, ones that is adapted to avoid any kind of chaos and disorder and the ones that does not require lavish decoration.

Kitchen Decor


Discover some space saving solutions to store the kitchen items in a practical way. Here are some tips:

For Specific Dishes

Kitchen Clos
When it comes to the professional kitchen, there are some dishes that are best suited for closet storage and others which are not worth storing. For instance, cups and glasses can be stored in the closet, while spices can be stored in racks. Hence, it is important to find a perfect way to store the items.

Storage of Kitchen Items
Go for stack-able closet, so that you can store the items in any direction i.e. the way you want like up or down. Some glasses have the benefit of fitting in a small space like wall, others may require more space. So, it is important to create space for specific dishes.

Kitchen Decor
Swap out large cups for bigger and thinner mugs that can be stacked easily. It is easily available in various colors like beige, black, white and pink. Additionally, it will adapt to any kind of decoration. So, select storage items very carefully because things once bought cannot be undone.
Corner Cabinets

Corners in the kitchen are generally misused, so it is better to make optimal use of corner cabinets. They are however the most effective solutions to accommodate the dishes. Corner Cabinets offer drawers along with specific hinges, thus allowing free access to the dishes. Corner Cabinets are both comfortable and convenience. In order to store additional dishes, go for a corner drawer including a rotating tray inside it. Generally, with two levels, this kind of model lets you to store the dishes down to the bottom and still access it by rotating the cabinets. These corner cabinets also allow easy access to the items. These cabinets are an apt way of storing the items that are required on a regular basis.
Overhead Storage of Items

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Overhead Storage of Items
Now, the next point to be considered is overhead storage of the items. These items are necessary to store the items that are again used regularly. In order not to impose large decoration in the kitchen, it is important to go for longer drawers and hinged doors. There are many models that are shallow and do not accommodate narrow kitchen. If there is a large space between the cabinets and ceilings, install on the top of the baskets to store the items that you need occasionally like baking pans to household items like dishwasher. Try to cover them to protect it from the dust. Thus, store overhead items in a safe way.
Hooks for storing the dishes

Hooks for storing the dishes
Another point to be considered for storing items in the kitchen is hooks. Once you have stored the heavy sets in top cabinets, you can hang the lighter dishes with hooks attached to the wall. A few items here and there can make the kitchen nothing, but a mess, so it is important to pick the dishes that can complement with the background. For instance, you can go for white cups against white tiled background or two tone mugs that match with the dual color scheme that you selected for the kitchen. Having hooks on the kitchen walls allows the space for more dynamic decoration. It makes the place vivacious, instead of simply hiding everything inside the cabinets. Hooks in the kitchen helps a lot.
Incorporate Display Shelves

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Display Shelves
Transform the dishes into decorative objects that contribute to the kitchen décor. Expose the crockery items in the shelves. Hang the display cases on the walls to match with the overall décor. Light woods accentuate natural spirit and a touch of royal blue adds colors to white and dreary room. For more novel ambiance, display colorful and interesting mugs.