Vastu for Kitchen 3 Interior Design Blogs

All of us tend to follow Vaastu experts advice when our houses are getting constructed. It is a pity that many people consider adding the gadgets and furnishing according to vaastu science and art, which ensures the flow of positive energy and reduced flow of negative energy in our home. If placed in a wrong manner, even the smallest piece of furniture can become hindrance to positive energy flow to our spaces. Even in our kitchen, the flow of positive energy is highly important as it offers joy and prosperity in our homes.





Cooking platform in the kitchen should never touch the northern or eastern wall
While cooking, it is important that cook should face towards the eastern side of the kitchen
The kitchen sink and tap should be located as far as possible. It will ensure that water and fire element stay away from each other and it doesn’t disturb other elements.
The stove in the kitchen should not be visible from the outside area. If it is seen, the family members may experience indigestion related problems. Therefore, it should be kept at a place where it is not visible.
Try to build kitchen cabinets on the north eastern side of the kitchen. As per vaastu, the storage units of the kitchen on this side ensure that there is no dearth of anything in the storage. Vaastu also encourage building kitchen cabinets that give neat and tidy look to the kitchen.
Sink should be built in North west direction of the kitchen. Even the dishwasher should be incorporated in the similar direction. On the other hand, drinking water should be kept in the north eastern direction.
Kitchen should have proper means of cross ventilation. It ensures that all negative energy goes outside and positive energy stays in.
Paint the kitchen in light colors like orange, pink and green. Avoid using dark colors like black for this space.
Ensure that there is no toilet near the kitchen. A toilet adjacent to the kitchen or above or below the kitchen of the house.
The food should not be provided in the centre of the kitchen.