Russian artist and art theorist, Vasily Kandinsky once described the color white as “a great silence that shrouds its life from our understanding…not a dead silence but one pregnant with possibilities”. He lived generations ago, but we feel that this contemporary villa by Beel and Achtergael Architects would have befitted a true art enthusiast like him. The fort like exterior provides privacy from the street and does not prepare you for the openness, clever use of shape and size, nor the resulting tranquility that awaits through the doors.

Light is an integral architectural feature with huge glass walls and windows dominating the internal courtyard highlighting the open space which flows seamlessly from inside to out.

The balanced relationship between contemporary architecture and an interior design using iconic chairs, dramatic art pieces and a white colour scheme inside and out actually gives this home a welcoming feel, it very much invites you to come in, sit down, forget about the world outside the front door and relax.