green purple butterflies 100 cotton 3pc duvet cover set Interior Design Blogs

Purple and green are two colors that blend well brilliantly. You can combine it with other fun colors like pink, yellow, black and white. What other colors you can think of that’ll go well with purple and green? Well, here we have presented a great selection of green comforters, beddings and bedspreads.



Now, you can discover your inner designs coming up with own bedroom creativity. You can add wall décor, lamps, posters, rugs and throw pillows to the bedroom to make it look really pop. Purple and green is a vibrant combination and it is the best way to showcase your unique personality and style.

Purple and Green Quilt- This quilt is beautifully crafted to suit your style. Its not only light weight, but it also looks stylish and comfortable. These quilts are appreciated for quality and matchless designs.


Purple and green comforter- This comforter is perfect for all those who want to look stylish and perfect. It includes comforter, matching shams, so now you can change your style with the fillip of comforter.