floral blue bedroom ideas

Traditional Decoration is characterized by calm, orderly and predictable feeling. You may have grown up in such a home with traditional style furnishing. Furniture is classic and sometimes it looks outdated, so it is not a big deal. The decor of the room should complement with overall look of the room. Furniture pieces are reproduction. They are a vital part of dining room sets and all room set look same in terms of furniture style. Furniture and accessories are placed in pairs and are made as a focal point. There is nothing out of place or of a different style. Traditional rooms are not only decorative, but somewhat can be labelled as casual, so traditional rooms are the best for any age group. It looks similar to what you see in magazines or show rooms.


traditional-bedroom (1)

traditional-bedroom (2)

traditional-bedroom (3)

Upholstered furniture is a trademark in a traditional room and it shows classic lines and understand the details. They may or may not have decorative details, but are functional, unfussy and classy. Edges are soft, smooth and integrate with overall style. Fabrics are neither too shiny nor textured. Plain colors, florals, muted plaids, stripes, geometric pattern and small over pattern are common.

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