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Are you trying to create an athletic vibe to your child’s bedroom? If you happen to have kids who are very much into sports, then it’s just right to give them an abode that truly represents their ideals. With a sports-themed bedroom, your child can be motivated to move and play the games he or she wants to play and embrace the lessons of sportsmanship into their daily lives.

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You can start creating a sports-themed bedroom by:

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1. Using colors from your child’s sports team. If you are just starting out with this bedroom idea, you can begin with the colors of your child’s sports team. These colors can be used mainly on the bed sheets, pillow cases and rugs. Walls on the other hand may be kept with a rather versatile shade so that they can blend in with the rest of the accent colors.

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2. Decorate with sports accessories. You may opt to use rugs designed with sports courts, such as those of basketball or hockey. You can also use other sports accessories, such as balls, racquets or your child’s favorite team posters on the walls so that he or she is constantly reminded of the games they play. If your child happens to have trophies or medals acquired from winning the sport, you may add them on the wall too.

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3. Use easy access cabinets. Athletic kids are usually busy bees, thus they don’t have the time and patience to store and organize their things. Hence, add a cabinet that’s easy to reach in the bedroom, as this will keep their things together without an outright mess.