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If you want to make dreary room cool and comfortable, it is important to revamp the existing furnishings and fabrics. So, whether you are working on existing furnishing and fabrics or starting from the scratch with an empty room, you should always use the principles and elements of interior design as a guide in choosing everything. The elements entail your tools or raw materials, like paint is basis for the painter. The elements of interior design include various aspects like space, form, line, color and texture. The principles of interior design relate to how you use these elements in order to create balance, emphasis, harmony, proportion and utility.

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Elements to be added in the room

No 1 Space


Space plays an important role while designing a home. Basically, a space defines boundaries and limits on functional and decorative things that you can do. Usually, you will not be able to determine the space; instead; you will face lot of constraints and difficulty on how to utilize the space efficiently.

No 2 Line


The lines of the rooms are secondary to color in order of importance when it comes to the setting of overall mood or feeling of the room. The lines of window fashion should support dominant line of the room. In most of the situations, the dominant line should be straight( vertical, horizontal or diagonal) rather than just curved. Your choice of emphasizing or direction of the line will determine the mood that you need to create.

Vertical lines adds height and dignity to the space, thus creating more formal atmosphere. These lines add balance to the horizontal lines seen mostly in the furniture.

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Horizontal Lines create restful and informal feeling to the room. It works well for the casual room and it relieves strong verticals of the formal rooms.

Diagonal Lines add attraction and grabs attention. They can be disturbing unless supported by vertical or diagonal lines.

Curved lines add soothing effect to the room and keep the room for looking too stiff. Use curved lines with restraint to keep the room from becoming soft and feminine.

No 3- Form


Lines that join together form a pattern or form or shape of the object, which gives feeling to the room. Straight lines create rectangle, square and triangles. Curved lines form circles and ovals. the rectangle is most popular form and is often considered as dominant shape in the room. Triangle provides stability and curved shapes soften the contour of the objects.

No 4- Color


More than just a single element, color can make the room look beautiful. Color can soften the mood and make the room look warm, cool, large or small. It can hide the flaws or grab attention to the center of the interest. Even the simple furnishing, with proper usage of color can transform the room.