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Are you searching for the cute lamps for girls? Well, it is also a great gift idea for baby shower and to adorn new girl’s baby nursery.




Here you’ll find some of the cute pink lamps, floral lamps, fairy lamps, angel lamps to make the bedroom pretty and wonderful.

Pink Lamp for Girls


When we think of cute lamps for girls, the first thing that comes to our mind is pink. How cute it looks with white bow around the shade. This is a great gift idea for your baby girl.

Cute lamp with pink roses


Do you like pink roses? Well, it is one of the cutest lamps and great baby shower idea. The dimensions are 24 1/4 inches.

Green and purple floral lamps


This lamp is so pretty and wonderful. It will make the girl’s bedroom really very girly and elegant.

The dimensions are 17.25”H.

Pink Polka Dot with pink rose


This combination is both fun and girly. Its definitely a lovely lamp for the girls.

Tiffany lamps for girls


This kind of lamps is super cute and colorful.

Cute Tinkerbell lamps for girls


this lamp is prettier than mushroom lamp. This is the most gorgeous lamp seen by the buyer.

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Swarovski fuchsia fairy lamps


It is an adorable fairy lamp that looks too pretty in the girl’s bedroom. The dimensions of the lamp are customizable.