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When designing a home, it is necessary to think about the home in totality. Basically a home is composed of various spaces like kitchen, bedroom, living room and most importantly the bathroom. Hence, it is crucial to select a style or theme that runs well throughout the home. It simply does not mean that all interior design elements should be uniform rather it means it should blend together in a nice manner. The idea is that interior decoration should strengthen the whole look of the home. Moreover, the best way to create a theme is to consider colors that are well suited to your home. Color schemes are the best way to unify homes. For instance, you might pick 2 or 3 colors and blend them in varying shades to give perfect appearance to the home. In simple words, to decorate a room, you need to divide the visual weight of the room. There are three styles of balances like symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial.




Here we have explained things in detail:

Symmetrical Balance- Symmetrical Balance is usually found in traditional interiors. This balance is characterized by the same objects and has struck-in-rut positions on either side of vertical axis. For example, remember the traditional rooms where every room reflected the same kind of interior like other room. This symmetry is also called as a balanced setting. Hence, a room with symmetrical balance is also called as a traditional room.


Asymmetrical Balance- This kind of balance is more popular in these days. Balance can be easily achieved by balancing dissimilar kind of objects that have equal visual weight or that grab the eyeball instantly. Asymmetrical balance is casual and less contrived, but is bit difficult to achieve. Asymmetry means movement and it leads to a lively interior decoration.


Radial Symmetry- It means that all interior design elements are available around a focal point. A spiral staircase is the best example of radial balance. Though it is not popular in interior decoration, yet it adds interior to the room; if used appropriately.

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Rhythm plays a crucial role in the interior decoration- In interior designing rhythm is about repetition of visual designs. Rhythms can be simply defined as continuity or recurrence of a particular event.  To make a room look beautiful, you need to think about repetition, progression and contrast. By using these mechanisms, you’ll be able to decorate a room in a proper fashion.


Repetition- It means using a similar element more than once in a room. It includes elements like pattern, color, texture, line. To put it simply, it means repeating similar pattern or texture more than once in a room.


Progression- As the word states, progression means taking a particular interior decoration element in increasing or decreasing fashion. You can implement this progression scheme by using elements according to their size. For instance, candles can be arranged in a varying size to create a subtle effect. You can also implement progression by using different color scheme like monochromatic color scheme where every element comes in various shades of the same hue.

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Transition- Transition is the most difficult concept. Transition simply means adding a smooth flow to the room. It can be achieved by adding an arched doorway or a winding path. To make the things simple, by adding a transition that lets eye to natural glide in a particular area to another area.


Last but not the least; adding a contrast. Contrast simply means blending two interior design elements in a way that it adds a new look to the room. For example, adding black and white throw pillows on a sofa- is a design that everyone selects. Opposition creates the best effect for example circles and squares can be used together to create a new look to the room. Be careful about the above -mentioned mechanisms, while adding contrast to the room. A piece of advice- adding too much contrast don’t work in your favor; hence it is crucial to introduce contrast in a subtle form.


Another important addition to interior designing is adding accessories. These accessories include adding a lampshade, cushions, cup boards along with fabulous handles. All these things require your attention. Although it is a boring concept and hence is often the most neglected ones. So, it is important to pay attention to them if you want to add a new look to the room. As the color states or brings out new enthusiasm and spirit, so these things helps in creating new look to a room.


Proportion- The two design principles can work well, since both of them relate to a similar size and shape. Proportion is a ratio of one interior decoration element with another element to create a whole new look. Scale is related with one size of the element to another.


Colors- Colors have an impact on the room that you want to create. Colors do affect the moods and reflects the personality of a person. Now let’s go into detail as to how colors can create a big impression.








In order to create a wonderful room, you need not to worry about the latest trends. Color trends will come and go. The people who live in a home makes it a house rather a beautiful nest by selecting colors that reflects what they are upto. The trick is to blend the colors in a way to make it a pleasing combination. Choosing color combination is the most difficult step for the beginners. Colors have an ability to change the overall look of the room. While selecting colors it is necessary to get yourself equipped with the basic information about how color affects the room or simply how it can bring a transition.

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Remember, that colors have psychological value. Think about the colors that can make you peaceful or add tranquility.  Think about how colors can bring peace and harmony in your home, select your colors wisely. Some colors will have an opposite affect on your mood and your loved ones.

Colors can influence mood


In order to find answers to these questions, you can take assistance of magazines, book, blogs and websites. In fact, it is a good approach to find a theme that suits your home. Apart from that, you need to take care of another small elements like fabric, rugs, furniture, and tiles. Once you have decided all these things, now you can select the paint color. Once you find the color palette, then you create a new look to the room.  A word of caution- don’t add more than three or four colors in the room. Adding too much color in a room makes it look cluttered or busy. Paint is an inexpensive look to change the look of the room. Moreover, it can transform the look of a room more quickly, so you now you can experiment a bit.

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Colors behave in three ways- active, passive and neutral. You can easily match color of the room according to personal whims and wishes, according to your taste buds and according to the purpose of the room. For instance, light colors make the room look airy and big. Dark colors tend to be sophisticated and warm. It gives the room more cozy appearance. Colors can do a lot to the room.

Red increases energy level of the room

Yellow adds sunshine to the room

Blue lowers down the blood pressure.

Green creates rest to the eyes.

Purple is rich, dramatic and sophisticated.