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It is an acknowledged fact that we spend around 1/3 of every day in the bed, hence it should be comfortable and robust in construction. It is the most important investment or you can simply call it as a capital expenditure. Keep in mind that most expensive bed need to be the most sought after in the market. If you are not able to invest in really good quality bed, try to buy some air bed. When you are planning to buy a bed think about certain factors like size, firmness and surface.


Purchase a dining table- Most of the dining tables are round and rectangular, but you may venture for a square or round dining table that offers more accommodation capacity. Before you invest in a table, ensure that it is made of plywood. This ensures sturdy base and cover the same with an appropriate fabric.


Dining Room Furniture- Select dining chairs carefully. It enhances the beauty of the dining area. It should be comfortable and durable. Wooden chairs tend to be inexpensive, but upholstered chairs are more comfortable. You can always add a slipcover over the chair to add a personalized touch. Arm chairs tend to be luxurious and can be moved to other area.

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Sofas- Sofas come in several shapes, styles, fabric and cost. Hence, it is necessary to select a sofa that suits your budget. Don’t settle for anything less. Loose backed cushions looks casual and requires low maintenance. You need to think about length, arm shape, cushions, fabric, etc.