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f you are health conscious, having a gym membership can prove to be a worthy investment. But if you are disciplined and self motivated having a home-gym is a decision you will always be proud of.

The burning question is where to start from? Here are some quick tips to consider once you are decided on having your own personal workout place.

Home Gym Design Tips

1) Think of a gym and one visualises a big room with full length mirrors and all sorts of training equipments combined with an open space for aerobic/yoga sessions. It might be true in case of commercial gyms but when it is home-gyms spaces do not have to be huge. A small spare room in your house or basement can be a great place to get started.

2) When you purchase equipments, make sure they are safe, compact and versatile. As you will mostly be working out alone you should make sure that you are investing in the right type of equipments. It is also essential to not try and cram the space with too much equipment. Keep it minimal. Keep it simple.

3) While setting up, you might as well get an accessory rack where you can place your small gadgets making them in turn easily reachable. You can also consider getting a small fridge to keep your energy drinks and water bottles.

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4) Place a full length mirror on one of the walls. It gives a feeling of roominess plus you can keep a check on all your fitness moves. And it can be a source of motivation as well.

5) And lastly, having a great collection of music to listen to while you work out can make it a more enjoyable experience. Consider plugging in a music system if you can. It is a great catalyst and stress buster.

Home Gym Design Inspiration

All pictures below are not of ‘home-gyms’ but you can pick up some ideas from here.

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