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The next time your neighbor talks about electrifying electricity bills, introduce them to cool new gadget-literally inside your home-the market is filled with latest new range of air conditioner. With these range of air conditioner, now you don’t need to worry about electricity bills. It is energy efficient air conditioner available in the world. The minimum Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ac in India. The minimum Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency required for an inverter Ac to be rated as 5 star as per BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency guidelines. The latest range of AC has an ISEER OF 5.2 offers 31% more power savings over a 5 start non-inverter AC! And if that wasn’t sufficient, when you select AC from Eco friendly mode from the remote, the compressor will run on power saving mode and it will result in 25%lesser power consumption, isn’t good enough. Now, isn’t that jewel for the home? Since the comfort is of utmost priority, thanks to the intelligent air throw mode, the next generation ac senses the room temperature and adjusts the air flow according to that. The AC does it own. The AC has also been designed to last longer.  The all important condenser comes with nano coating that ensures further protection from corrosion and gives it a long lasting life. The electronic circuit board is vulnerable to damage from Indian humidity and dust, and it is further protected by a special con formal coating. But the best part of this next generation AC is the greenest air conditioner in the market today. It uses R290 refrigerant which has zero ozone depletion potential and amp; lowest Global warming potential and amp; lowest Global warming potential o 20 units. So, it is eco-friendly mode and you can do your bit to save the planet. Moreover, these eco-friendly ac is cool, sleek in design and it makes your living room more elegant and beautiful.

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These eco-friendly ac are best to protect yourselves from the carbon footprint.  The best way to battle

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