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When you think about decorating your home with pink color, the images of childhood memories come down to your memory lane and yes some celebrity homes too likely come to your mind. In this blog post, we will tell you how to thoughtfully use pink shade in the room to make it look amazing and cool.

Pink Couch


It is the best way to make the style statement. This couch works the best for your living room and is best suited for contemporary modern room.  Truly, unexpected!

Pink accent pillows

pink home decor

These pillows are glamorous and add a royal touch to the home. These pillows add fun and freshness to the living room.

Pink and leopard print goes hand in hand. It has become a new style statement.

Pink accessories


Don’t be afraid to experiment with pink shade. Find cool objects and accessories in pink from the local market and apply your creative skills to add it to your home.

Experiment with pink and neon signs


Even famous celebrities seem to feature this point in their home. You can make it a focal point of your living room or put above the bed or hang it over the kitchen.  Theres nothing wrong to decorate with these things.