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If you are planning to decorate your windows with something colorful and eye-catching, patterned curtains are a trick that can help you in a long way. Here’s a round-up on what is available from country’s top curtain makers.

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Scale– Putting a small curtain on a large window reinforces the size of window that you are dressing. It is more restful and better approach than big bold patterned curtains. It is ideal for bedroom. Available at cost-effective rates, these curtains are made to measure.

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Match curtains with overall lightning– Don’t exclude lightning from color palette. If you have got pattern within curtains, select the most subtle of colors or the colors within it and select plain lampshades-whether it is for pendant or table lamp.

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To dress neutral rooms- Patterned curtains are the best way to add decorative detail to a neutral bedroom. The elegant floral makes a focal point of the room, but it doesn’t disturb the atmosphere of the room. Curtains are available in made to measure option.

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To adorn a kitchen– Patterned curtains are the best way to decorate the kitchen. It might be a bit hard working for room, but the kitchen can still benefit a lot with a touch of decorative derail of patterned curtains. This retro-style curtain is a perfect complement for a country styled kitchen, and it lends a twist by combining it with a plain curtain. The best color for curtains are blue, white, red, green, yellow, etc.

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To make the look luxurious-Using generous amount of fabric creates more appeal, and using a constant pattern draws constant attention towards your home. Available in customized form!

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Feel the finish- Remember there is plenty of choice when it comes to texture, style, and color, if you have decided to go for patterned curtains. The chenille and taffeta combination is eye-catching and gives a lavish feel to the room. It also adds warmth and luxury to the room. These curtains are available in made to measure option and cost effective rates.


Classic style curtains-For a bedroom, a floral styled pattern is a timeless option, creating a relaxing atmosphere with a space. This floral bunch embroidered curtains come in a range of options like soft pastels, textures and on a neutral ground that adds to the overall effect with a soothing effect. Curtains are available easily in the market.


Minimal-In a busy room, patterned curtain do the trick. The idea is to keep the pattern subtle and tiny. In this way you will get the added benefit of texture and pattern, but it won’t fight for public glare.