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Orange is a bold color and most of the people try to avoid. But in reality orange is a nice color and if done correctly it could make the bedroom cherubic and modern. According to the psychology of colors orange is a blend of red and yellow. The red indicates energy and yellow indicates happiness. So, painting the bedroom wall with orange color will put enthusiasm to the room.

Here are some tips on how to décor bedroom with orange color.

Always consider the intensity of orange with respect to room size, personal style and the light. The brighter shade you pick the more effort will be needed for a balanced space.

If you think orange is too bold color for you, consider blending it with shades of grey and peach.

Go for burnt orange, it looks traditional. Combine it with dark wood furniture and rich suede fabrics on the bed.

Another way to décor the bedroom is to use the orange accents. If you have a grey bedroom accentuate it with orange drapes and duvet cover.

If you opt for Tuscan designs, then be prepared orange is the preferred color. It truly adds coziness to the room. Silk drapes look elegant. Use wood tones with a hint of orange.

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If you are still confused on how to decor bedroom with orange color, then view the designs.  Beautiful orange bedroom is right in front of you!

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