Colors play an important role and have a great impact on our psyche. To create a good atmosmphere choose the right color. Here are some colors that will aid you in sleep.

Don’t Choose Warm Colors– If you want to sleep peacefully, we recommend you to use nude colors. Vibrant and Dynamic color is more conducive in kitchen or bathroom. Red color is stimulating and can be a cause of heart problems. Yellow is inviograting and brings energy to the room. Orange is also a dynamic color, so one should avoid using them in bedrooms. If you are really keen to use them, opt for subtle quantity or instead one can accessorize the room with these colors.


Cool Colors- The cool colors aid you in sleep. Opt for blue color, accessorize the room with choclate curtains, use ivory bed linen. Also, you can use green or pastel shade. The blend of pastle green with blue will surely add desired softness in the room.

In kids bedroom one can opt for fuchisia, shades of pink, blue and purple. Wall Murals make the room inviorgrating and adds warmth to the room.

Last but not the least; it is important to create a balanced décor.