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One of the cool thing about bue color is it is closely associated with water. It is the main reason why people prefer blue color. In order to add jitters to the bathroom add variety of blue shade. For example, instead of using light blue shade or vivid blue shades. Also consider decoration options in its entirety like wall murals, flooring and decorative towels.

Here are quick tips on how to décor the bathroom with blue color.

Paint with lightblue shade as it creates an airy atmosphere.

Depending upon your tastes and preferences, you can add decorative towels in the bathroom.

If the bathroom is of light color, don’t forget to add rugs. It can be of any blue shade that blends well with the bathroom theme.

Accessorize it with dark blue accessories like soap holder, dispenser, trash, bathroom tiles can and toothbrush holder.

Preview the below mentioned images to check which bathroom design is the best.

Blue Bathroom Design Interior Design Blogs

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