traditional holiday decorations

New Year is around the corner, so create the festive mood by decorating home with right kind of accessories. Nothing can be better starting the year with great party and impressive decoration. Here’s the checklist on how to décor the home


  • Plan the decoration well in advance and make a list of items to be bought.
  • Select a theme to decorate for each space. Each room should have a unique look or different theme.
  • Keep the decoration simple and uncluttered.
  • Blow some glossy balloons and place them in a corner.
  • On the main entrance of your home add swags tied of evergreen branches draped with ribbons or ornaments. Use herbs like cinnamon and cloves to add natural fragrance.
  • Place large glassed and bowls filled with candies, nuts, sweets and chocolates.
  • Prepare large paper flowers that can be glued to the doors, walls, or on certain tables.
    Stairway and the porch railings can be draped using sparkly paper strings or you can make your own strings out of flowers, leaves and berries.
  • Cover the entire ceiling of hall with steamers and balloon.
  • Bells made of glossy paper can be good centerpiece.
  • Think of creating a DIY container wherein you can serve your guests with chips and candies. Place the toys and board games for the guests along with bloopers, eye glasses, etc.
  • Decorate the dining table keeping in mind a particular theme. Cover table with black cloth sprinkle silver wrapped candies between the dishes. Decorate the chair and table legs with satin bows. The silver ware should blend well with the table theme.
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