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Sometimes the best plans for Christmas go awry and you haven’t decorated until the last day. The reasons can be endless like changed travel plans, sudden illness, business at work, events, etc. All these reasons may have made to paralyzed. Don’t fret- you can still have the best Christmas time.


The unique last minute Christmas decoration ideas are limitless. With all planning, something can be forgotten in the end. The idea is to go for a big effect with little work that offers long lasting impression. Here are some last minute Christmas Decoration ideas.


Tablecloth Magic

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The best decoration idea for table is sheets. It will add elegance to your room. If you own three sheets, cover the Christmas table with a single sheet then tie two sheers together at the similar length and wrap the long sheet around the table aprons. Ensure that you tuck the tablecloth sheet beneath the rope sheets. Make another knot, so that sheets remain wrapped around the table. You can even use a rubber band and use decorative napkin rings over the sheet. Do insert series of napkin rings if you own them.

Incorporate mats

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Add mats to make Christmas unique and special.  All you need to do is to search for cardboard boxes in the garage and cut them in equal proportion, so as to form rectangle. Each rectangle should be covered by gluing coating over it. Use the similar kind of coating for place mats.  Add an old sheet for cloth table mats. Old jeans cover looks bit whimsical. A black trash plastic bag looks contemporary. The best idea for last minute Christmas decoration is to coat the mats with glossy Christmas wrapping paper. Then tie small bows from Christmas ribbons and apply glue at each of the corners.

Add glass holders

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You can convert fruit to last minute Christmas decoration idea. Well, don’t believe it. The trick is to create a cavity at the top of the fruit and leave the bottom intact. Slip the drinking glasses into the fruit base. Ensure to trim down the bottom of the fruit to keep level with the table. If you use wine glass with a stem, first insert the glass, then add dry beans or potpourri to fill in the hollow cavity. You can use a fruit bowl at the center of table filled with similar fruit for unique Christmas decoration idea. Add ornaments between the fruit or add pinecones.

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Add flower and candle vases

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To create an elegant look, use individual flower decoration vase for each table setting for identical glass or teacups. Fill the cups with small stones or beans from your garden. From your street or garden cut the branches from trees or shrubs. Stick the branches in each cup or glass to complete the last minute Christmas decoration idea. Ensure that you trim the leaves away from the candles. You can even tie a Christmas ribbon around the glass, handle or cup for added elegance. Light candles where adults are sitting. It is strictly not for kids.

Napkin Folding


This is a wonderful last minute Christmas decoration idea that requires a little skill. It will turn your room into a beautiful room. One of the favourite napkin folding patterns is to imitate the shape of fan. Create one inch fold at one end. Hold the fold with fingers at either end and flip the napkin to the other side. Make an identical fold on the opposite side of the fold, and then flip it again. Continue Alternating folds on the front and back of the napkin. When task is finished, make sure napkin look like an accordion.

To continue this last minute Christmas decoration look fold the folded napkin in half and fit the rubber band on the fold that you are grasping between the fingers. Now, tie a ribbon over the rubber band and get rid of the same. The napkin can be opened in a shape of fan, which you can leave spread open over each empty plate.

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In a nutshell, these last minute Christmas decoration ideas are truly useful and will add elegance to the room.