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Do your bedroom closet is in disarray? Do your garments remain on the floor? Or are you unable to find your favourite t-shirt or pair of shoes because of the mess? If answers to this question are resounding yes, then it is the right time to organize your bedroom closet. Here are few steps in this direction or area on how to organize bedroom closet.



Add extra items

Install low bars. They enhance the space and can be used to match top to bottom.

Install hooks for grab and go clothes. Create a spot for favourite accessories like housecoat, sweatpants and t-shirts. Hooks work well with belts, hats, and other accessories.

Install shelves for shoes. It gives you an opportunity to keep everything at a single place. Also, you are apt to pick them off the floor.


Add bins in your home

Create holders for socks and undergarments. Also, have a glance at your skivvies, which should complement with undies.

In order to store rarely worn clothing use plastic bins. These items may be out of season. Bearing this in mind, label the bins, so you know which one to go through for certain clothes as the time progresses.

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Add colour

Enjoy while organizing your bedroom closet. Go for colourful hangers. It serves as a way to set apart your clothes. For instance, use red colour for pants, white colour for shirts, blue for shirts, etc.

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Ensure that you select hues that complements with the overall look of your bedroom. Closet accessories should be of solid choice. So, you can easily do this.



Take help of some family member or a friend. Invite someone who won’t judge you, but happily offer help. In turn, offer him/her favourite snack or drink or something else. Just to acknowledge his/her efforts.

Think your closet as a role model for your son or daughter. Telling your child to clean up the room would be quiet easier then. Moreover, you are less likely to hear their backfiring.

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Another tip is to go for coordinated hangers that cares for your clothes and that help you to stay organized.

Keep folded clothes and accessories with shelf dividers.

Use vertical space to store more items.

In a nutshell, now that you are ready to organize the closet, use above-mentioned tips to tackle space in your home. Hope these tips help.