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Purple is the colour of royalty and it is 2014’s colour of the year. It’s a mystical and is exciting way to color home. The combination that you can blend is purple, fuchsia and pink.  It might not look great on every wall, but it will surely add vibrancy to your home. So, are you searching for ways on how to decorate the home with purple colour. Well, here are some ways on how to do it:



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Select a shade of purple that fits into personality and living space

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Colours are reflection of your personality. Hence, it is important to decorate home with colour that suits individual personality and living space. Before you go out and compare paint chips, step back and look overall ambience of the room. The first step is to consider permanent components like flooring and light fixtures. Then update the same with furniture or window treatments and any other semi-permanent components that requires to be updated. You may or may not have purple in the room at such a point. After all is done, then you can search paint colours and determine whether any purple will work with rest of the home décor.

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Play with sophisticated accent colour

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Purple can appear juvenile if not paired with sophisticated accent colors.  Purple room does not necessarily mean teenage girl bedroom rather pair it with sophisticated accent colors. For instance, plum would look nice with orange or magenta, golden yellow, warm, earthy tones, white and grey or even copper accents. On the other hand some color pairs well with shades of blue, deep green, grey, taupe or beige.

Purple is no doubt colour of the year. Hence, it is sure to become hit in the home improvement industry.

Deepest Purples- Deepest purples like aubergines and brooding blue tinted shades certainly implies grandeur and it strikes a serious and formal note. These tones are the best when used with commitment. Go few tones lighter and even dark purple will make gathering space look cozy and conversation friendly.



Adding accessories to home makes home look beautiful. For instance, one can add following accessories to make home look really beautiful:

Vase Set- Adding a purple vase set will add a punch to your home. This stunning centrepiece looks really elegant and exudes its own charm.


Adding purple loveseat- another way to make home look beautiful is to add purple loveseat. This loveseat is essence of style and fashion.

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