The best way to enhance life of old carpeting is by covering up with an old throw rug. This is the best way to save money. Synthetic throw rugs are practical options for innumerable reasons. Not only, they cover the ugly looking carpet, but they also improve the overall look of the room.


The cheap synthetic rugs are easily available at the discount departmental stores and it has few drawbacks too. These rugs cannot be cleaned or washed, which makes it difficult to maintain. These rugs tend to bunch up, stretch and roll, especially in traffic areas that are under furniture. Is it possible to remove difficult stain or fold from a cheap rug? Yes it is possible, here’s how it is done.

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Materials required


For this project, you need an old towel and iron. The cloth should be such that you should iron clothes with. Also, you need something that carries weight like bricks or cinder block. Heavy furniture will work if you plan to tackle this repair on the floor.

How to remove the crease


Preheat the iron to the highest temperature. While the iron is heating, soak the towel with water and take out excess water.

On the backside of the crease, place the dampened towel over the crease.

Press the iron downward, slide back the iron back and forth over the crease until the crease is relaxed properly.

Flip the rug and place the damp towel over the remains of the crease and iron the same again in back and forth motion till the rugs lay flat.

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Incorporate the weights around the four corners surrounding the repaired crease and leave in place till the rug has dried out completely.

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Make sure that you test the discrete area of the rug before going on for the repair.

Don’t use iron directly over the rug. It will not only melt the fibers, but also cause damage to the iron.

Vacuum it on a regular basis. It eliminates the dirt particles that can cause problems to the fibres. Easy vacuuming tips include vacuum both the sides of the rugs, these cleaners come equipped with beater bars that are fine to use on deep plushes.

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In a nutshell, these steps can be taken to remove stubborn dust and fold from rug. In a nutshell, use above-mentioned tips to remove the crease from the rug.

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