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Today there are different varieties of indoor and outdoor surveillance gadgets and cameras available in the market that can be easily installed without any form of professional help.However, the biggest challenge that people face while installing hidden security cameras is its location as it can be quite tricky to pick the right spots for installing security cameras, especially if you are investing in security cameras for the first time. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of security cameras and important strategies required to improve its performance and efficiency.
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Where to Install Hidden Surveillance Cameras?

Contrary to the general perception, it is estimated that more than 30% of robbers and intruders usually sneak into houses through front doors instead of back or side entrances. Therefore, it is extremely important to install a basic mini Wi-Fi camera at your front door as it helps to keep a track of all types of visitors that come to your home throughout the day.You can fix a hidden camera in your doorbell or peephole. Moreover, you can even invest in a smart doorbell for added security.
Hidden Surveillance Cameras Interior Design Blogs
Back and Side Doors

Back doors are an easier option for robbers or intruders to sneak into your house.In order to keep a track of all visitors who enter your house, you need to install hidden cameras at the back of your house as well.

Garage and Backyard

A hidden camera installed near your garage can help your tools, vehicles and other expensive equipment safe and secure from drivers, gardeners, etc.Moreover, if your garage has been built at a distance from your house, then a security camera can help to spot any stranger or intruder who may be trying to steal your car or other valuable equipment from your garage.Similarly, installing a camera in the backyard can help to keep a check on any suspicious activities occurring outside your house. You can even keep a check on the activities of your pets or kids playing in the yard.

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Kitchen, Lounge and Drawing Room

Installing cameras in rooms lounge and dining area is perfect for monitoring kids and their babysitters when they are playing or watching the TV. Moreover, try to install cameras in those rooms that have large windows as many intruders often use windows to break into the house.You can either opt for one designed in the shape of an alarm clock, a smoke alarm or an LED light.

Rules and Safety Measures

Every city and countryhas certain rules and regulations that needs to be followed while installing home surveillance systems. For example, you cannot install hidden video surveillance systems in those areas that violates the privacy of your neighbors.Also, you cannot install video cameras or nanny cams in your bathrooms or toilets.
Surveillance Cameras security Interior Design Blogs
There are also some necessary guidelines regarding the position of outdoor surveillance cameras.It is recommended to install them at least8 feet above the ground. Also try to avoid positioning them in areas where there is too much glare or sunlight.

Visible cameras are more likely to be stolen or vandalized. Therefore, people prefer to use hidden cameras outdoors.Try to protect your outdoor cameras from excessive heat or cold as well.

Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Home Security Camera

Placing hidden cameras in the corners helps to cover more area while recording.Many cameras come with infrared light technology that helps to give better view during the night time when the lights are out. Try to avoid positioning your indoor camera in front of a lamp, window or any bright object.

To Sum Up

Many security cameras are very simple to install. Some operate through a Wi-Fi,while some require batteries. Outdoor surveillance cameras require frequent cleanup and maintenance.

Many surveillance system providers offer their own technicians to install security cameras for you.Also, the budget and security preferences varies from person to person. Moreover, the size of your house and family can also affect your choices.

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Also, if you are a working parent or your children are too young, then your house may be more vulnerable towards security risks and threats. Therefore, you need to keep these factors in mind while investing in indoor and outdoor security cameras.

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