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Do you wish to transform the bedroom into a small nest that you can call it as your own? Well, here are simple ways to brighten your bedroom without breaking bank.

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Incorporate a large mirror


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There is nothing better than adding a tiny mirror to the bedroom. It not only brightens up the space, but also creates a false illusion of more space. Take the mirror that is sufficiently large enough, depending upon form and size of the bedroom. The larger the surface area, the more light will be reflected around. You can try adding mirror above the bed, facing the natural light. If you can’t, you can always add key lights oriented mirror to recreate magical effect.

Paint walls


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To beautify a room, sometimes all you need is paint. There is no need to start things from scratch, especially if they are clean and clear. A fresh coat of paint will do the trick of brightening of your bedroom. Be careful that colors that you select should complement with the bedroom.

Install lights

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The bedroom is the best place to incorporate soft lightning, thus emphasizing relaxation and comfort.

Place a few lamps throughout the bedroom, primarily on cozy and darker spots at different heights. These lights will create warm atmosphere in the bedroom. You can even go for light sconces by your headboard.

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You can even add sconces on both sides of the headboard and get rid of neon and low consumption bulbs in favor of CFL bulbs.