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Do you want to give face-lift to your bedroom walls, but you don’t know which colors to choose from? From neutral to colorful there are several colors that you can select and several colors to avoid. Here are some colors that you can depend upon:



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Indigo, turquoise, dark blue, they come in various shades. All these colors are inviting and offer relaxation. Unsurprisingly, blue is one among the most popular color when it comes to bedroom.

How to use the color

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To avoid having an under sea ambiance, you should avoid using accessories with blue color.  Instead, go for shades of brown, gray or white. Don’t forget to accentuate the bedroom with color. You need to give some personality to the room to find how interesting things look. In accessories, you can add pillows, green photo frames and colorful bed linens.


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Green is also called as nature’s color and it is a perfect choice when you want to revitalize the room that has become dull. And that prevents you from sleeping.  When selecting pastel tones, green paint offers same soothing feeling like blue walls offer, while allowing it to look like original room. For more striking room, go for green or lichen green.

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How to use the color

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For more breath of fresh air in the bedroom, go for white furniture. To give your room natural atmosphere, add wooden furniture along with touch of pink, yellow and blue.