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Although carpets come in various styles and varieties, they can basically categorized into three different styles based on how they are cut. Carpet piles, the loops of thread form during the process of weaving can be trimmed into cut piles or left as loop piles or patterned or a combination of cut and loop. While there are so  many other factors involved in selecting the carpet.

Pile choices

mo-carpet closeup

When you think about a plush, soft carpet for your bedroom think about cut pile carpet. A cut pile carpet come in four different categories like Saxony that is the softest, textured that is the smoothest and frieze, which is most ever-lasting and elegant. Loop pile carpets also referred as Berber carpets are durable than cut pile carpet but less pleasant underfoot. Cut and loop carpets add dramatic appeal to the room and don’t show footprints or marks.

Feel the carpet


The carpet in a room has a significant effect on its overall design and look, so it is necessary to select a style that complements with the room. The best way to determine what options are best for the room is to pick some samples of carpet or flooring store and bring them at home. Spend some time looking and feeling it. Narrow down your choices.

Check the durability of the carpet



If you have pets, children or frequent visitors at  home, carpet durability is of prime importance. Generally, frieze, small looped Berber carpet and cut and loop last for longer time than Saxony, textured, cable or looped border. The kind of fiber in the carpet and quality of materials also effect durability of the carpet. For instance, if you need a Saxony style carpet, but are worried about durability, go for sturdy fibre like nylon instead of polyester.

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Track and prints on the carpet


Another factor that you need to consider is how easily carpet is cleaned with help of vacuum cleaner. Saxony carpets, because of their thick and long piles show their marks easily. This makes it a better choice for rooms that you use less. Texture and frieze carpets hide imprints, cable carpets are more durable.

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