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It is easy to add glamour and appeal to the bedroom and make it an inviting space. Here are tips on how to do so easily:

Select right color scheme for the bedroom– select the right color scheme for the bedroom. The right colors instantly transform the look of the room and give your home an entire new personality. It is a reason why designers are so cautious about selecting color scheme. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be bit challenging to pin point the perfect shade for the home, but when you nail the perfect color palette, the results are overwhelming.


Make your home cozy with area rugs-the most important consideration before buying rugs and carpets is finding something that has heat beating properties and that is going to please you every time you look at it, especially when its going to be the first thing in the morning when you wake up from deep slumber sleep.


Add wall art to the home– a great piece of wall art tells a new story. Design your bedroom walls with nice wall art theme and see the romance that comes alive with wall mural with paintings in the bedroom.


Add transparent closet to the home– keep a transparent closet in the home, in this way you will always revisit the memory lane of your lifestyle and variations that came across. It’s also the perfect way to remind yourself that closet needs to be tidy and clean.

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Increase use of heavy palettes– increase the use of plaids, heavy prints with brocade designs and silks in furnishings that are recently making the headlines.


What you need to avoid?

If your home is frequented by pets and children, white rugs and white upholstery is not perfect for your home. People love the way they look, but they never realize that you have to do lot of leg work to keep the home clean.

What can you do to make your home stand out?

The best way to make your home look stand out is to add Indian touch to it-whether it is our furniture or ornaments or fabrics. A hint of royal features add zing to the bedroom. It is must for Indian bedroom. This is the distinguishing feature of an Indian bedroom versus western bedroom.

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