In winter many people develop depression because of dark evenings and cold nights. One can curb the winter blues by adding right interior décor in the bedroom. Here are some tips on how you can add cozines to the room


Add quilts to the room. It is the best way to feel cozy and warm. However, going to a bed is not an option. Opt for afghans, throws in cozy colors like red, brown and gold. Draping them at the back of sofa or chair adds warmth to the room. So, sit on the couch and watch television or read your favorite book within the warm and cozy ambience.

Adorn the coffee tables with thick pillar candles on candle plates or arrange them randomly. A leaf garland or sea shell at the base of the candle makes the room warm. Don’t forget to light these festive decorations.

Disperse the pillows. It will make the sofa look fluffy and a few throws on the bedroom adds to the warmth of the room. Besides, the extra pillow adds to your comfort, especially when you are sitting up late.

Forget minimalistic design in the winter. Cover bare walls with wall hangings or afghans. In summer time the bare wall makes you feel spacious and airy. However, in the winter the room look empty and hollow.

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