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Do you want to make your home office productive and happy? Well, the solution is to keep a plant near the computer. Well want to know more. Let’s start with the benefits of keeping a plant in the office.





Green offices with plenty of plants make staff happier and productive as compared to lean designs stripped of greenery, according to the new research.  It is seen that a lean office loaded with the plants could enhance the productivity rate by 15%. So, it is important to invest in landscaping. The office with plants will pay through an increase in office workers productivity and life. Researchers also examined the impact of lean and green office on the staff’s perceptions of air quality, focus, and workplace satisfaction. They monitored the productivity levels over the next few months in Netherlands and found that green plants play an quintessential role in increasing work place satisfaction, concentration and air quality. A green office improves employee engagement towards work and also make them physically, emotionally and cognitively more active in their work.