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Living Room is the most neglected room for so many years. Pale pink and white color scheme is the matter of old times. Further, this kind of scheme make you feel cozy and welcoming, while nets window is matter of the past times. Here are some ways on how to liven up your living room:
Living Room needs to fulfill lots of jobs- like it is not only a family space, but it also acts as a playroom, dining space and it acts like a homework space.


Select White scheme for your space-Keep the scheme white and add a splash of orange to add warmth to the space. Further, add a touch of green as a contrast. It helps the room to make it feel inviting, and it will make the room look light and bright. To add more glamour to the room, you can add transparent ghost chairs. These chairs give false impression of space. Here are some ways on how to add white color scheme to your bedroom.


You don’t need to stick to bold and vibrant colors in order to make room look big- dark colors don’t necessarily make a room smaller, all you need is natural light. Whatever you select, whether it is hanging a mirror or anything the trick is to use bigger version of the same. It will create a false impression of more space and bounce the light around the room.

Use light floor and furnishing-The easy route to add more space to the room is by using right floor and furnishing. You can even add color to the room by using right accessories.
Add attraction to the room- You can lead the eye to another space beyond the room, and by this method you can create false impression of space.coffee-table-styling-1
Incorporate whitewashed floorboards– White washed floorboards instantly brighten up your living room or you can even give a makeover to the room by using emulsion paint, which is brushed on lightly and that can be wiped off easily or you can clear the same with varnish.


Add white frames- If you are planning to stick fervently to all white scheme, go for white frame. The white frames that contain white photos can also be made as a focal point of the room.
Be prosaic with white- There are many practical considerations with white that you can do. For instance, use removable furniture that can be cleaned on a daily basis. In this way, you can make the room look more crisp and beautiful.

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Paneling– Even a dreary looking room can look beautiful with wall paneling that you can purchase from DIY stores or use tongue and groove planks. Paint these panels with white color.
Large Mirror do the trick-A large mirror reflects back the light and is good for a north facing room, and it makes the room look large.


For more tips on how to hang mirror read further:

A small room that gets very little daylight, its crucial to keep window dressings to minimal. It means keep the bulky curtains out. However, there are a lot of other options to consider.
Before you furnish the room; it is crucial to consider your storage needs. Invest in storage items that looks streamlined in other words it should be simple in style and never miss a piece that is considered as multi-functional.


Buy some antique pieces-By antique pieces we don’t mean to convert your room into a cloakroom, but by fixing an antique furniture to a wall and by displaying your hats, scarves or jewelry thereby creating a good looking room.


Add something surprising-You don’t require to invest money for storing possessions- like you can even buy antiques from the markets, like suitcases and trunks that have a different purpose and it creates the best storage option.


If you are really struggling for storage space, go for less obvious areas that requires some effort to convert it into a useful space. An under stairs space is handy and can become a focal point.
Search for a useless space-Do you have an empty bay that doesn’t fit well with a sofa? Why not go for a window seat with storage beneath it? Adding drawers rather than a lift up lid is bit costly option and it means that you can section your storage to keep dvd in one side and toys on other.


If your living room is busy and that doubles up the space, adding a dining area and play room is considered as good. It makes sense to have a streamlined storage wall behind where you can hide the clutter. If you opt for such a system, remember that a flat fronted, handle free doors in decent color that will help you to keep your living look vibrant and bigger.

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Eliminating clutter is not the only solution. If you have a large collection of pictures, books, photos, china and glassware, it makes sense to flaunt thee items. It is important to do so in a space, where it can be neatly set out. You can even experiment with the layout of your pieces until you are happy with how it looks.

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Add colors- If you are going to build a wall of shelving where you can showcase books, glassware or china, try to color code it. It will make the room look planned and neater.

Divide the space- Divide the furniture items to divide your room. Go for a set of mobile shelves that used to display china and glassware that would take valuable space and it also divide the living area from the dining room within an open room. If you re going to do this, opt for display items that look best from both sides and be prepared to make it look neat and clean.mag29desi539a1__1237559628_8160