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The Victorian Era refers to the era when Queen Victoria dominated the British History. It was the era when imitation and reproduction dawned.  Gothic and Rocco styles were revived during this era.

Here’s how you can create a Victorian living room.

Don’t be afraid to choose the bold colors. Colors like purple, green and mauve are the favorites of the Victorian era.

For furniture the best option is to opt for velvet, brocade, needlepoint, crewel fabrics and toss pillows.

Opt for expressed wood and wood trim.

For tables the best option can be bamboo, faux bamboo, marble topped, carved bamboo, etc. Adorn the room with traditional lamps like ginger jar types, atop the tables and crocheted doilies.

Drape windows with swags, tiebacks and valances. Add elaborate style to draperies by adding fringes, tassles, and braids.

Ancestoral mirrors and portraits with elaborate wooden frames make the room beautiful.

Enhance the room with woodcase, crown moldings and place a motif.

Patterned area rug works the best for Victorian room.

Enhance the room with silver or brass candleholders.

Here is the 1o Victorian designed Bedroom

Most of the bedrooms are not purely Victorian Styled Bedroom; instead they are blend of modern bedrooms with Victorian Style.

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